5 Gaming Websites That You Should Follow

As more and more people across the world continue to submerge themselves in to the world of online gaming and video gaming, numerous websites have emerged which are certainly worthy following. At these sites, you will find a wide range of useful information about gaming ranging from news on new releases, tips, tricks and guides on how to play various games, previews and reviews and every other kind of information that you might want to know. If you want to be well informed and stay at the top of your gaming career at all times, here are 5 gaming websites that you should follow:

  1. Gamerankings.com

This is a great website especially for those gamers who are more interested in looking at game scores more than anything else. Besides getting the most truthful and reliable information about the games, this incredible website indexes all the ratings of games from nearly all the websites which are worthy mentioning. Based on these ratings, the website then calculates every game’s average score ration. In addition, the site also links you to other websites where you can get more information about the various games so that you can be more informed about them.

  1. Gamespot.com

When it comes to game reviews and previews, gamespot.com has become a personal favorite for most casual and serious gamers alike. Unknowingly to most gamers, gamespot.com is actually apart of the network which also includes gamerankings.com and you can be sure that these two sites won’t disappoint you at all when it comes to finding all the information that you want. The information available on this website is availed in the most professional manner that you can imagine and there are also game overviews designed to inform those gamers who are just giving the site a mere glance.

  1. Zero-punctuation.com

This is an awesome video game review series of Escapists and the weekly episodes usually feature Ben ‘Yahtzee’ giving his ever cynical and very harsh opinion. Actually, if you are after some of the most hilarious game reviews, you will certainly find them here and you can be certain that you will get the best information on the game being reviewed on that day. Actually, video gaming is designed to a fun thing and this is why even the best reviews are delivered in fun way to make the gamer well captivated and more interested in the game.

  1. IGN.com

This website is essentially owned by Fox Interactive Media and it is one of the top rated gaming websites that any gamer should certainly make a point of following. Actually, this is a network of various websites and includes many gaming websites most of which people already know about. Unknowingly to most people, this site is actually a brother of websites such as FilePlanet, Rotten Tomatoes and GameSpy and if this is something to go by, you can certainly expect the level of quality to be the best. IGN aims at providing gamers with very extended and professional gaming reviews and information in an awesome average format.

  1. 1up.com

If you know about 1UP magazine, then this website is simply an internet version of it and you can be sure that big things certainly await you with this website. And similar to the magazine itself, this website has certainly managed to become one of the most visited sites in the world of gaming. Here, you can expect to find the best information on your best games and you can be certain that this website will certainly make you well informed and knowledgeable about gaming in general.